Shotfest 4: The Quest for Peace
Shotfest 4: The Quest for Peace
Alex Atchley

Flier of the Week: Shotfest 4 at Yucca Tap Room

Usually when you pay money to go see a show, you want the bands you're seeing to perform their best--you know, not mess up, sing in key, play the right chords.

That's a little hard after you've taken 10 shots.

Shotfest 4: The Quest for Peace might be one of the only concerts where bands are encouraged to play badly, since each band on the bill has to take a shot before each song. With a minimum of six songs per band (with some performing up to 10), things might get messy.

"We always have a bucket nearby or on-stage, but so far no one has puked on-stage," says Aaron Burke, guitarist for headliners The Minibosses, noting this is the fourth year Shotfest has taken place. "Hopefully this will be the year, cross your fingers."

What's even cooler than the event itself is the flier-making process for the show. The Minibosses put out a call on their message board and Facebook page for people to submit black-and-white sketches of superheroes or supervillains throwing up, and they received about 30 submissions. Then they took more than a dozen of the sketches and plastered fliers all over town--they can also be seen here. The band hopes to have a pamphlet of all the artwork available at the show.

Besides the awesome take-home art, there will be a collaboration between the bands at the end of the night, so you can see all the wobbly drunks on-stage at once.

"It's amazing to see people do shots with the bands or just laugh at how the band members
are starting to lose it," Burke says. "There are jolly trainwrecks."

The Minibosses play with I Hate You When You're Pregnant, The Necronauts, Totally Radd!!, Mr Pacman and Vin-Fiz at the free 21-and-older show at Yucca Tap Room Friday, December 10. The show starts at 8 p.m., and you can find more info here.

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