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Flier of the Week: (Sic)Monic at Clubhouse Music Venue

This flier is not exactly the most uplifting image to look at before going to a rock show. A man is getting his flesh burned off in what appears to be a very toxic substance, revealing nothing but bones under the liquid.

Perhaps the poster's a warning to people, that if you skip the show on Friday, July 9, at the Clubhouse Music Venue, your soul may too feel like it's dying -- a portrayal of what life would be like without music by the metal lineup, which includes (Sic)Monic, Dresden, Selfless, and Sativa Strain. Or maybe it's simply a take on old horror movie posters, presented in a modern way. So says (Sic)Monic singer Taylor Hession, who points out the designer was Justin Weiss of Deadly Design Co.

However you interpret it, (Sic)Monic, a band which describes its sound as "modern metal," doesn't want any casualties at the show. No, the band just aims to please all types of listeners, blending everything from jazz to Latin in their tunes, which are way more melodic than you might expect from the typical metal band, but still just as in-your-face.

"If people come to a (Sic)Monic show, expect to be overtaken by a sonic onslaught ranging from death metal/hardcore to melodic rock," Hession says.

The band, signed to Aural Music, also promises that while  the show itself will be a fun and not-so-serious time, the guys' approach to music is intense.

"People should come to our show because we never fail to bring musical precision at its finest time and time again," Hession says.

Preview some of the tracks yourself at www.myspace.com/sicmonic. The all-ages show starts at 6:30 p.m., and tickets, $11 each, may be purchased at www.13thfloorentertainment.com.

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