Flier of the Week: Threefold Fate at Goat Head Saloon

Since Scottsdale band Threefold Fate describes their sound as "desert rock," it's no surprise this flier for the Saturday, March 20 show at Mesa's Goat Head Saloon contains a smattering of desert-inspired images. That sunset the woman's looking at is pretty awesome, considering the sky is both yellow and green and splits perfectly between the two lenses.

The group also used a desert landscape to serve as the background and shade in the woman's face--Threefold Fate's lyrics are influenced by desert living, and the group believes in the spiritual and mystical aspects associated with the Sonoran desert. 

Juding by the serious look on the woman's face, and the smoking gun in her hand, Threefold Fate is ready to throw down in this Battle of the Bands, sponsored by Rock Along Productions. The group will be competing against more than 10 other bands for cash, merchandise, gear, studio time, web design and more...not that the band is nervous, as they promise an energetic set.

"Guitars will be harmed in this production," says vocalist/guitarist Jason Stage. "Of course, we want to win, but it will be a great night of music with all the bands bringing their best stuff--all killer and no filler."

Some of the other bands competing include Cigarbox, Losing God, The Morning After and Fat Tree. The competition will be judged by a select panel, who will help decide who will be awarded the moolah and prizes.

The 21-and-older show starts at 6 p.m., and tickets are available at http://bandsbattle.eventbrite.com. To check out Threefold Fate, go to their MySpace page here

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