Happy Birthday, MTV: 30 Videos to Celebrate 30 Years

Music Television turns 30 today, but the network doesn't look a day over 16 and Pregnant.

Well before MTV started exploiting the incredibly difficult lives of irresponsible teens expecting a first child and balancing high school algebra, the Viacom-network played music videos. Original programming like Yo! MTV Raps, 120 Minutes, even Total Request Live (TRL) was video-centric, predating today's "reality" driven shit shows MTV's become synonymous with (read Jersey Shore, Teen Mom).

On current-day MTV, you'll maybe catch a video snippet during the end credits of Real World, and it's usually from some shitty emo-pop group or Katy Perry. There's very little music on Music Television, and virtually no videos--blame the Internet.

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Victor Gonzalez
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