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How Sunset Voodoo Headlined the Marquee

Don't call Sunset Voodoo a reggae band. Not that its members have anything against rocksteady rhythms. It's just that the Tempe trio, who identifies as straightforward rock mixed with psychedelia, just isn't sure how it got the label in the first place. Lucas Roth (bass, backup vocals) says he can't remember the last time his band consistently hit on the upbeat, but Joey Gutos (guitar, lead vocals) does admit that the group's earlier stuff ("Feelin' Up," "Dancin' With Knives") can evoke "some good, groovy dance vibes."

"Some of the best [local] bands right now are reggae. In particular, The Hourglass Cats, Something Like Seduction [from Tucson], and Black Bottom Lighters," Roth says. "We've got respect for the reggae scene, and that's why we play with all of them, but we've come to get a certain image that I never thought that we would."

Roque "Rocky" Yanez (drums, backup vocals) jokes: "We need to hit the metal side now."

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