I Never Want to Hear These Songs in a Fitness Class Ever Again

I Never Want to Hear These Songs in a Fitness Class Ever Again
Emily Sea

When you’re trying to get a serious workout on, music is essential for getting in the zone.

A great playlist can make an hour breeze by.

Music helps you tune out everything out around you, gives you a movement to hold on to when you feel like you should quit, and it can tame that inner panic when you're pushing yourself past your perceived limits.

It’s not easy making a playlist for the masses. You’ve got to appeal to the young and old and also to different tastes. It can't be too loud, too techno, too rock, or too anything, really.

The perfect workout song is simple and motivating. It makes you feel sexy and tough.

But nothing makes suffering through wall-sits, 90-second planks, or countless squats worse than a song that's totally played out. It can throw a wrench into your otherwise positive head space.

After countless workouts in fitness studios across the Valley, we’ve heard our share of repeat pop hits and have rounded them up here. Why? Because we'd all be better off if they were never played in a workout class again.

Here they are: the overdone, cheesy, and downright annoying tracks that should be banned from workout classes.

“If I’m Being Honest” — Chase Rice
More than anything, this song promotes sitting around while eating and/or excessively drinking.

“DJ Got Us Fallin' In Love” ft. Pitbull — Usher
Don’t get us wrong, this was THE guilty-pleasure, weekend-vibes track of America six years
ago … keywords: six years ago.

“Firework” —  Katy Perry
Imagining Katy Perry shooting fireworks out of her chest does not make us think good thoughts.

Any Remix of the Spice Girls' “Wannabe”
The original is awesome. It doesn’t need a tropical house beat.

“Closer” — The Chainsmokers
Songs about a dude being a douche to a girl and trying to get back with her while telling her she can’t afford her car is not motivating.

“The Final Countdown” —  Europe
Unless we're in an '80s-style boxing ring, this should not be playing.

Anything Beyonce
Totally kidding. Queen Bey makes the best workout music — whether it’s from today or 10 years ago.

“Blank Space” —  Taylor Swift
Too basic.

A happy hardcore remix of Frozen’s “Let It Go”
Honestly any playlist could probably do without this song. I want to feel like a badass when I workout, not a princess at a rave.

“Bang Bang” —  Jessie J, Ariana Grande, Nicki Minaj
For some reason I feel like I’m listening to a commercial when I hear this song...

“I Gotta Feeling” — The Black Eyed Peas
Actually, I could probably do without hearing this one anywhere again. Mazel tov!

“Walking On Sunshine” —  Katrina & The Waves
I've got sweat in places the sun don't shine, sweetie.Too happy, and not enough sass.

“Party In The U.S.A.” — Miley Cyrus
Sorry Miley, the party has been over since last fall … love your new look, though!

“Right Round” —  Flo Rida
Another guilty pleasure whose time has come … and gone.

“Valerie” — Steve Winwood
Only if I get to wear leggings and a thong leotard while thrusting in a bridge.

"Live While We're Young" —  One Direction
Mhm. Too young.

"Whip It" — Devo
Just ... no.

"Die Young" —  Ke$ha
I've never cared for the message in this song. It's especially not what I want to hear when I am seriously wondering if I might die right now.

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