'Idol' Keeps it Classy With Rat Pack Week

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Think she's got one more week left in her?

So before we review last night's episode, can we please discuss the guest judges or the celebrity mentors or whatever they're calling them this season? They started out making sense, with Randy Travis and Smokey Robinson. But for the past couple of weeks, it's devolved into weirdness, with neo-pulp film director Quentin Tarantino and last night's Jamie Foxx, who I understand won an Oscar for portraying a singer, but by all accounts isn't a very good singer himself.

And next week, we get Guns N' Roses/Velvet Revolver axe shredder Slash, who, don't get me wrong, I have a deep and unabiding love for, but who, other than a couple of backing vocals on a couple of GNR B-sides, hasn't done any singing himself. I cannot wait to see how he interacts with Gokey, though. I'm really hoping that there's a beat-down involved. Just saying.

Kris Allen: Sang "The Way You Look Tonight." In the intro video, "I'm not trying to win the Throat Olympics." Is that a thing? If so, I would love to compete. I'm not sure exactly what that would entail, but I would probably have a better shot of winning a gold medal than I ever would in, yknow, the real Olypmics.

Anyway, the performance was pretty and well-phrased, and the judges (mostly) lost their shizz over it. Randy called it his best performance to date and Kara called him a dark horse in the competition. Simon called it "a little bit wet--like taking a little well-trained spaniel for a walk," which just confused me, because Paula is supposed to be the one who makes non-sensical comparisons, and when Simon does it it just throws everything off-balance.

Allison Iraheta:  Sang "Someone To Watch Over Me," which Jamie Foxx calls, "absolutely innocent." I'm starting to actually like this guy as a guest mentor. He's kind of ridiculous, which is why Quentin Tarantino sort of worked, too. Anyway, I thought she gave a beautiful performance, one that might have even eclipsed Kris'. The judges really liked it, with Randy called it "like Pink, but with 9,000 more octaves," and Paula said it had an "innocent sensibility." Simon told her he didn't think she thinks she can win, and that she might be in trouble.

Matt Giraud: Sang "My Funny Valentine." I've said it before and I'll say it again: This dude has overstayed his welcome. Justin Timberlake-lite already came into this performance with me hating him for taking Anoop's spot this week (this would have been an awesome theme for Anoop if he would have been allowed to stay another week). Anyway, I think I might get my wish, because his performance was boring and off-key in places. The judges were split, with Kara saying he didn't feel "emotionally connected" to the song and Simon calling it "brilliant." I usually agree with Simon, but we just weren't synching up last night.

Danny Gokey: Sang "Come Rain or Come Shine." Jamie talks about getting "all up in Danny's grill," and then called him "D." I totally heart Jamie Foxx. So it's no secret I think Gokey is cloying and annoying, but even I have to admit he gave a good performance last night.  It was understated (for him, at least), and really pretty. The judges loved it, with Simon calling it "outstanding," which makes me sad because we finally agree on something tonight and it's over Gokey of all people. Ugh.

Adam Lambert: Sang "Feeling Good." When you get goosebumps during the video, you know it's going to be a good performance, or as Foxx says, Adam is going to "knock everybody's head off." I'll admit it: I've drunk the Adam Lambert kool-aid, and I'm feeling pretty good about it. No pun intended, of course. I love this song, and he did an incredible version. Randy said it was too theatrical, which Simon said is like "complaining that a cow moos." Love it. Simon said he can tell that Adam wants to win. Damn straight. I honestly sometimes don't know why the other contestants show up while Adam is still in the competition. He's just that good.

My guess to go home tonight is Giraud, but people love that dude for whatever reason, so who knows? Maybe Simon is right about Allison? This is when the competition actually starts to get interesting again... 

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Join the New Times community and help support independent local journalism in Phoenix.