In Honor of Robin Gibb, Here's His Greatest Hits, "The End of a Quaver"

Robin Gibb of legendary psychedelic popsters-turned-disco kings The Bee Gees, has passed away at the age of 62.

If you first learned of Robin Gibb's deteriorating health from Facebook, it was through links to newspaper articles and not the usual reposting of YouTube music videos, in part because trying to come up with appropriate song to put out there proved difficult. So many of Robin's greatest moments were the ones when joy and hope seemed in short supply and death hung overhead like a beautiful dark cloud.

OK, maybe "Staying Alive" would be a good one and "Tragedy" another, but that's latter day Bee Gees, when Barry Gibb's falsetto and swashbuckler hairy chest took center stage. It it is the early Bee Gees where Robin's unearthly quaver and frail posture reigned supreme, a time when songs about people dying in mining accidents and men condemned to die in the electric chair were not only commonplace, they were worldwide million-sellers.

Here, for the benefit of those who never had a broken heart that needed mending, are some of Robin Gibb's Greatest Hits.

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Serene Dominic
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