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Kansas City American Idol Auditions Have Good, Bad and Ugly

Tears, screaming and screeches - oh my! Wednesday's American Idol auditions, which were held in Kansas City, home of last season's Idol winner David Cook, had all of these things along with dozens of snarky comments from judge Simon Cowell.

While one of our favorite moments took place in the beginning of the show when Cowell told Idol hopeful Chelsea Marquardt that she sounded "like a cat jumping off the Empire State Building and the sound it would make before it hit the floor," many more followed.

Twenty-seven golden tickets were issued and priceless moments occurred.

Here are some highlights:

Michael Castro: Last season fourth runner-up and dread-locked cutie Jason Castro brought his younger brother Michael - who claimed he's only been singing for 20 days and had pink highlights in his hair - to audition and he did pretty well. Or "goodish" as Cowell described his vocal stylings. The younger Castro sang Gavin DeGraw's "In Love With a Girl" which scored him a coveted golden ticket from the four judges.

Ashley Anderson: The young beauty scored brownie points by singing "Footprints in the Sand," a Leona Lewis track co-penned by Cowell. Although she sang "footsteps" instead of "footprints," she received four yes votes nonetheless.

Asia McClain and India Morrison: The sisters rapped, yes rapped, a song they claim they wrote called "Cookie," which they dedicated to judge Randy Jackson. After the rap, the sisters sang separately. Asia was really bad while India was definitely talented and advanced as a result.

Danny Gokey: The music teacher confessed that he lost his wife from a heart condition but decided to move forward with the audition because he thought people could get to know his wife through his performance. Sweet, right? We swooned for a minute. He sang a soulful rendition of "Heard it Through the Grapevine" and advanced to the next level.

Anoop Desai: Desai told Jackson he can call him "Noop Dawg," which had us laughing. His cover of Boyz II Men's "Thank You" was surprisingly good considering his geeky shorts and sandals look - a major fashion don't - so he received a golden ticket.

Andrew Lang: Two women dressed up like cheerleaders performed an entertaining cheer to introduce Lang. The skinny, carrot-topped "singer" covered "My Girl" but doesn't cut it - even with his shout-out to judges Paula Abdul and Kara DioGuardia. Abdul called him "theatrical" and the cheerleaders cried.

Michael Nicewonder: He seemed sweet enough but with his bright yellow hair, bad teeth and morbid songs, there was nothing nice about Nicewonder's performance. Nicewonder, who came off like a hick, burst into tears after the judges denied him a ticket.

Mia Conley: The high-pitched scorned "Idol" reject claimed "you guys are wrong and God is going to make you pay for it."

Lil Rounds: While it's hard to take anyone seriously with the name Lil Rounds, the Memphis, Tenn. mother of three won the judges over with Stevie Wonder's "All I Do." Cowell called her "absolutely fantastic" - his nicest compliment of the night - while Jackson described her as "a mixture of Fantasia and Mary J. Blige."

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