Katy Perry - Gila River Arena - 9/25/2014 (VIDEO)

"How many of you are under the age of 10?" Tegan from indie-pop group Tegan and Sara asked the crowd last night at Gila River Arena.

Thousands of girls, including one super-shrieky one directly behind me, screamed in delight as their young age was recognized by a band they'd probably never heard of.

About an hour later, that girl, along with all her young peers, belted out lyrics like "sex on the beach" and "let's go all the way tonight" during the songs that have made Katy Perry an international superstar. Later, they danced along to her twerking dancers who writhed on each other's bodies, laughed as a cartoon cat smoked a cigarette on a giant screen, and watched gyrating mummies showing off T and A.

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Nicki Escudero
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