Kesha at Comerica Theatre, 9/20/11 (VIDEO)

September 20, 2011
Comerica Theatre

After Kesha's strong show last summer at Marquee Theatre, it was exciting to see what the young singer would bring to a bigger venue and how she would change up the set. Her past performance had been so impressive, surely the larger space would give her even more to work with. For better or for worse, at Kesha's Get Sleazy Tour last night, the emphasis on the show wasn't on the vocals, which took a back-seat to the antics -- it was on throwing a kick-arse party that celebrated the entire tour, since the concert was the last of the 30-date jaunt across the country.

Not that the audience didn't have fun. It's sort of hard not to dance when you're constantly being barraged by glitter, there are giant penis costumes wiggling around on-stage, and the performers wear everything from dinosaur heads to glow-in-the-dark costumes.

Compared to her previous stop in the Valley, Kesha's vocals seemed screechier than ever, especially during the rap portions of the set. But during her slower songs, like "The Harold Song" and "Animal," Kesha stripped it down and sang well. Credit the alcohol and adrenaline for for the "party" vibe, but Kesha can sing. When she feels like it.

Kesha did try to prove herself as a musician, as well, playing guitar and piano in-between the silly choreography and pinata busting. But any instrumental prowess was trumped by her banter. Some of her best lines of the night included:

"Show me your tits!"

"Put your fucking hands up!"

"This is for all those backstabbing bitches who think it's OK to take your fucking car."

"Don't fuck with crazy bitches boys. We will eat you."

"There's just one thing that would make tonight perfect -- if someone would pour some glitter on my titties."

"Tomorrow I hope you find glitter in places you never thought you would, and it makes you think of me."

"I hope that song inspires you to be yourself unapologetically fucking always."

You see, Kesha might not be the most intelligent person, or the classiest, but she speaks to her fans in ways that the mostly young women who made up the crowd could relate to -- simply, and with a lot of sass.

She powered through an hour-and-a-half set that borrowed much from her last tour. While she had a bigger space to work with, a lot of her new tour was the same, including props (her microphone stand with a giant hand at the top of it, her dancers' big drums, the glitter drum she banged, the pinata); the set list and dance moves (she also ended this set with a cover of the Beastie Boys' "(You Gotta) Fight for Your Right (To Party)" and had the same choreography for "Dinosaur"); and the costumes (there was another Americana theme along with those glitter outfits she's fond of wearing).

The set was bigger, though, with a simple industrial centerpiece that had drummers on the top platforms and steps for her to climb to overlook the crowd. The lighting was cool and got more colorful as the show went on, but it seemed pretty simple for the large space -- even the video screens remained turned off. It was nice to hear her play so many songs, but a little more flash would have been cool, or at least not as much screaming and relying on her back-up singers, which you can hear in the videos below.

She played a lot of tracks off her new EP, Cannibal, and the best moments were the slower tracks because the quality of her voice really soared. But for fans who just wanted a great festive atmosphere, the show was silly enough to be a fun spectacle that gave everyone an excuse to get sleazy.

Openers LMFAO sure got the party started with their hyperactive set. Their hour-long show was one of the most fun concerts to watch, kicking off with an inflatable giant zebra that bounced into the crowd, toy balloons and a whole lot of neon and glow sticks.

During their hit-filled set, the duo and their dancers went through several costume changes, including 80's workout gear, thongs, sparkly tops and zebra print pants. I've never seen male musicians go through so many outfits, but it sure was fun to watch.

The guys also drank onstage, bringing their whole crew up at the end since it was the last show of the tour. The ensemble looked like they had a genuinely great time, and their energy was contagious and a great way to kick off the show.

Personal Bias: I've always loved Kesha's music and blast her CD's on the regular.

The Crowd: Mostly women. As LMFAO said, the ratio had to have been at least eight-to-one.

Overheard in the crowd: "That's a lot of penises on stage." At one point, three people in penis costumes danced around.

Random Notebook Dump: LMFAO takes the prize for most fun set. It was like watching an ever-changing, children's birthday party-inspired shindig.

Set List:
Take It Off
Blah Blah Blah
Party at a Rich Dude's House
The Harold Song
Your Love Is My Drug
Grow a Pear
Tik Tok

We R Who We R
(You Gotta) Fight for Your Right (To Party) (Beastie Boys cover)

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