Kitty Purry, Lou Dog, Snacks, Bubbles and More of Music's Greatest Pets

Best Coast singer Bethany Cosentino has made a lot of her fans cat people.

Her pet cat Snacks is almost as recognizable as the band (which plays Clubhouse Music Venue Saturday, January 22) itself. A picture of Snacks covers the drum kit, Cosentino gives Snacks a shout-out in the song "Goodbye" and Snacks graced the cover of the band's debut album, Crazy for You.

Now the Snacks madness is growing even more, with Cosentino's recent partnership with the LOLCat-crazy blog, www.icanhascheezbuger.com. Fans were able to submit captions for the picture to the right, hoping to win signed band merchandise and meet-and-greets.

Snacks isn't the only four-legged friend to infiltrate the music world. Here are more rock star pets who proved they're worthy of groupies, too.

Katy Perry's cat Kitty Purry

Perry has never been shy about her affection for her kitty cat, whom she Tweets about regularly. And when her cat gets shaved, it makes international news.

Elton John's dog Arthur

How do you show your dog you really love him? Make him the best man at your civil-partnership ceremony. That's what John did when he made it official with his partner David Furnish, since the couple wanted the canine present at the event venue, which had a no-pets policy.

Wayne Newton's wallaby Priscilla

Yes, urban cowboys do exist--apparently there is a big need for them in Las Vegas, because when Newton's pet wallaby Priscilla escaped back in 2003, a lasso-carrying lad saved the day by roping the pet on the third attempt after a 2-mile chase.

Bradley Nowell's dog Lou Dog

It is pretty safe to say the Sublime singer was enamored with his dog, Lou Dog. The dalmatian made his way into several Sublime songs, including "What I Got," and he could be found on-stage at times with the band. There is now a Sublime tribute band in Wisconsin named Lou Dog, so his legacy lives on after the canine passed away in 2001.

Paul McCartney's pony Jet

For many years, McCartney's 1974 single "Jet" was said to have been dedicated to the Beatles' Labrador Retriever puppy of the same name. But last year, McCartney explained to a British television channel that the song was actually named after a pony he and his wife Linda owned. The song has very little to do with any animal at all, but the Beatles song "Martha My Dear" actually was inspired by McCartney's Old English Sheepdog Martha.

Michael Jackson's chimpanzee Bubbles

It may be hard to believe, but Bubbles is still alive at 27 years old at a Florida primate sanctuary--even though he tried to commit suicide in 2003 at another sanctuary. Bubbles must have had some issues, since Jackson made him sleep in a crib and use a toilet at Jackson's Neverland Ranch, as well as tour with him. Jackson finally gave Bubbles up after his son Prince Michael II was born, since Jackson wanted to keep the baby safe from the primate.

Ozzy Osbourne's dogs

If anyone ever doubted the Ozzster had a heart of gold, his 2002-2005 show The Osbournes showed just what a softie he is--especially because he was constantly surrounded by a pack of purse dogs. The Osbourne brood included a pomeranian, a chihuahua, Japanese chins and a bulldog.

Britney Spears' dog Bit Bit

She named her tiny pooch possibly the worst moniker ever, but chihuahua Bit Bit has received the star treatment, walking the red carpet with Spears at the 2004 Billboard Music Awards.

Slash's snakes

Guitarist Slash really loves snakes. He had a collection of more than 80 snakes that he fed every day himself and even had a band called Slash's Snakepit. But when you bring a baby human into the world, slithering poisonous animals aren't exactly the best types of pets to surround your child with. So, 3 years ago, he got rid of his beloved pets to protect his son. Sounds reasonable.

Cat Stevens' dog

After Stevens found a Dachshund tied to a post when he was young, the dog became his pet and later his inspiration for his debut single, "I Love My Dog". Watch a video of the performance below.

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