Metal Night at Yucca Tap Room

Long ago -- or earlier this year -- I used to DJ Ten High Tuesdays at the Yucca Tap Room, spinning power-pop, soul, and whatever else I felt like.

I liked to think of myself as pretty eclectic, but I generally tried to keep to things that people could dance and nod their noggins to.

But tonight at Yucca Tap Room, Select Presents instigator Josh Rodriguez and his guest DJs will go places I never dared to go, playing the nastiest, most corrosive metal for a special all-vinyl DJ set at Ten High Tuesday.

"Dylan (Landmine Marathon, Impregnator), me, and Ryan Wong (Destruction Unit, The Reatards, and Ryan Rousseau and His Desert Children) will be DJing everything metal," says Rodriguez. "[Everything] from Black Sabbath to Suicidal Tendencies."

Ever been in the Yucca early in the evening, around 7 p.m.? The crowd is comprised of old-school regulars, the kind of guys more likely to cry out for a little Hank than some Mayhem.

Let's just hope they clear out before the heavy shit drops. I'd hate to see the looks on their faces.

Rodriguez will also use the night to start promoting his new Thursday night DJ set at the Crescent Ballroom, though the selections for that night will tend toward soul and funk, probably not music as thoroughly heavy as Metal Night.

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