Most Outrageously Offensive Outfits of 2011

Welcome to another installment of Up on the Sun's 2011 Review. We've been counting down our favorite songs, shows, national and local releases of 2011. This installment takes a look at 2011's most outrageously offensive musical outfits. Enjoy!

We're not particularly renowned for our sense of style here at Up on the Sun. It's true, we don't have moves like Jagger and can't tell the difference between our fashion bone and our funny bone, but we know crazy when we see it.

Nicki Minaj gave us plenty of reasons to hate her this year, but god damn it, we just could not keep our eyes off of her. For all the wrong reasons, she was the undisputed queen of funky-dressed musicians in 2011, blazing the trail for plenty of other offenders.

From Lil Wayne to Lil' Kim, musicians garbs ranged from bad to worse. For your chuckling viewing pleasure, here's our list of the year's most outrageously offensive outfits.

LMFAO You dress weird and we know it. We're not sure what was worse, the poisonous songs that plagued the airwaves and television commercials or the excessive presence of leather in their wardrobe.

Lil Wayne It's totally cool that you're kicking it with one of your protege's and popping up in music videos and stuff dude. But, Y.U. gotta wear one of Nicki Minaj's hats? That's not gangsta.

Lady GaGa You know what Gags? Not even Marilyn Manson looks good dressing like Marilyn Manson. Of all the people to jock, we're sure you can find someone else to mimic. Like Madonna. Wait...

Lil' Kim So this is what happened to Lil' Kim. Only a select few can pull off the "hot mess" look. This isn't the way to do it. The glitter top over purple spandex has us screaming, mess, mess!

Nicki Minaj She wants you to know that she's a monster but this getup is just a monstrosity. That's kind of her theme though. We get it.

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