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Music Trivia and Bingo Combine at New Crescent Ballroom Event Tonight

You might just score some vinyl if you can spell out B-I-N-G-O at the Crescent tonight.EXPAND
You might just score some vinyl if you can spell out B-I-N-G-O at the Crescent tonight.
Benjamin Leatherman
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If there’s one constant to the Crescent Ballroom, other than all the hipsters and great music, it’s the eclectic selection of events that take place at the venue on a regular basis.

In just the last month alone, for instance, it's hosted flamenco nights, cycling meetups, trivia sessions, and comedy from Bob’s Burgers star Eugene Mirman, in addition to all the concerts and DJ events.

Later tonight, things get even more eclectic during the first-ever edition of DJingo!, a new monthly music bingo night in the Crescent’s cocktail lounge. The event is the brainchild of David Moroney of Phoenix Afrobeat Orchestra and locals Bruce Heimbuck and Ryan Compton and will involve patrons playing a music-oriented games of bingo for prizes like vinyl records, gift cards, and concert tickets.

Here’s how it works: Heimbuck and Compton will host the evening and spin up clips of various songs up to a minute in length while teams of participants will guess the particular band or artist and mark their cards accordingly. The first group to connect a "bingo" wins the round.

“There is a trivia aspect to it, since just the music is played and people will have to know the artists in order to know what to mark on their card,” Moroney says. “At the end of the round, if no one has bingo yet, the host reads the songs played in the round back in case people didnt know an artist.”

Six rounds will be played, each consisting of 25 different songs and featuring a particular theme, such as '80s music or '90s alternative.

The themes and genres will change up each month, as will the prize selection. According to Moroney, this month’s haul will include vinyl records, tickets to upcoming Stateside Presents concerts and festivals, “especially cool” PBR swag, and gift cards to Zia Records and both Crescent Ballroom and Valley Bar.

Moroney tells New Times that the song selection will include a mix of both the popular and obscure.

“We wanted to make it well known artists, but throw some curveballs as far as deep cuts and obscurities,” he says. “A good mix of both, but not wanting to make it too easy.”

In other words, music geeks are encouraged to attend and show off their stuff, Compton says.

“We chose some well known bands to be as inclusive as possible, but we also tried to pick some artists and songs that will please the music nerds and add a little bit of difficulty,” he says.

Moroney agrees.

“We picture the ideal DJingo! contestant as having a semi-keen music intellect,” he says.

DJingo! takes place on Thursday, January 26, at the Crescent Ballroom. Sign-ups start at 6 p.m. and the games get going at 7 p.m. Admission is free.

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Join the New Times community and help support independent local journalism in Phoenix.