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Never Shout Never's Beatles' Cover = FAIL; Other Bands on AP Tour Inspire Dangerous Moshing

They cheat on their boyfriends, they throw bras on-stage, they get excited about divorce...and they Tweet.

Audience members from last night's AP Tour were quick to take to the Internet during the show and after their parents drove them home from Marquee Theatre, and here's what they had to say in 140 characters or less about The Summer Set, Every Avenue, Hey Monday, The Cab and Never Shout Never.

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@theaptour- I wish you guys could hear how loud the fans are chanting 'Summer Set' -LS #theaptourtempe

@MeganCamp You'd think chris drew was going on right now not the summer set. This place is LOUD!

@theNorb Yay the summer set is playing and @thejessset is rockin' the drums!

@Nicparish The summer set pulls a Taylor swift cover??! Wow. Crazy stuff

@trASHLEIGH Finally cooling down. The Summer Set you bought it hard tonight! Glad to finally hear one T-Sweezy song I've been hearing in soundcheck.

@beevsta The Summer Set kicked some pop punk ass!

@laurenlipstick Oh Man, The Cab/Every Avenue/The Summer Set blew my mind. Never fail to put on a good show.

@bridgetisntcool usually im okay with mosh pits but tonight it was too much to handle ughh the summer set whyy?!? i was in the 3rd freaking row...

@KRiSTENTAYlORR Oh my gosh that was the best four hours of my life(: got pictures with two people from every avenue and one signed my phone(: so tired tho

every avenue is great live:)

@Oshrwinkle You know you're lame when you're moshing to every avenue. haha

@meeeegaan dear every avenue, you suck. but you're hott.

@JOSH_GOODNIGHT Hey Monday is killin it! When is cassadee gonna realize I'm her husband??

@ondraeuh Hey Monday is covering Slide. My life is made.

@danaalove I enjoyed never shout never.. More than I thought I would. Great night!

@rickyrolled7 Never Shout Never was really awesome. I was touched by their music.

@freetodream5 Someone tell never shout never that his cover of the beatles sucked ass

@ryanksteele is it bad that never shout never is putting on a bad ass show and I'm likin' it...

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