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Never Shout Never's Christofer Drew Makes the Girls Scream at Marquee Theatre

Last night's Never Shout Never show made it clear who the Justin Bieber of indie pop is: Christofer Drew. The young front man for the band got tons of girls to scream at Marquee Theatre, and you know they were all over Twitter once he (and openers The Maine from Arizona) got off-stage. Here is what the fans (including some guys, too) had to say about the show.

@vancerunsxc- christofer drew definitely put on an enjoyable show. Carter Hulsey was also amazing, expect to see him a lot in the future.


@Missveggie- I feel like im at a justin bieber concert cause of all these 12 year olds having orgasms. I hate never shout never.

@ev_eve_evelyn- Just got home from the Never Shout Never/ The Maine show. It was good...except for all the screaming crazy fan girls. Girls are annoying.

@denissseeee- Never shout never concert was fucken awesome!! Front row bitches! Wouuuu

@yungsashy_biebr- Nevershoutnever concert was fun! Had 1st row, met the guitarists, told Christofer Drew we loved him he gave us a big smile &peace sign :D

@NeverShoutBina- Christofer Drew made my PISSY week amazing!

@itsmandiee- ahhhhmazzzing night!!! christofer drew is freakin the bomb diggidy!!!

@casynx8- Omg i met Christofer Drew! Hes aweesssooommee! :)

@Serenasharkk- Got nevershoutnever's setlist & Hugged Christofer Drew Ingle. Oh My Jesus Christ.

@BreaNicoleee- WOW THAT WAS SO AMAZING. I love Christofer drew concerts ;D

@viadevri- Dear Christofer Drew, get in my panties. NOW. Love, the sexy girl in front row.

@gabyc_91- Had I great time today! The Maine and Never shout never where AMAZING :)

@Manny_Freshhhh- never shout never was gnarley haha

@Superr_Sierra- Typical Never Shout Never concerrrrt. Errbody was crazy, sweaty & loud. Ahh, i love it <3

@Kiara__Perez- @ChristoferDrew and the rest of Never Shout Never were amazing! We got to the barricade (:

@candibabi- ok voice is gone.....great. thanks never shout never for makingg me lose my voice after 4 songs

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