New Hooves T-Shirt Inspired By Black Cactus Haters

This week's music feature about the Black Cactus Records clique has been causing a little stir, mostly because of a few quotes aimed at various local movers-and-shakers the Cacti aren't big fans of.

Chief among them is Hooves, a band notorious for their drunken antics (read Jason Woodbury's feature on the band here). Long story short, the Black cactus guys want local bands to be more professional. Hooves don't fit the bill.

From Sarah Ventre's story:

"Hooves are some of the worst people I've ever met," says Toby Fatzinger of Former Friends of Young Americans.

Fatzinger burns with rage as he recounts a story of the time the two bands played a show together in the tiny town of Cottonwood. Hooves, it seems, completely trashed a hotel room. Toby and company watched an elderly cleaning woman wiping away tears, wounded by the degrading task of cleaning up their mess. [MORE]

The Hooves guys -- the Up On The Sun gang loves them, for the record -- seem to be having some fun with the whole thing. You can buy a t-shirt with the "worst people" quote here. No word on whether they'll soon be appearing on the band's merch table.

The Black Cactus CD release party is tonight at Yucca Tap Room -- check out this cool new video from Lisa Savidge to get a feel for it.

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