Night Train: End of the Line

Are you still standing? Hell! That must mean you haven't taken a trip on the Night Train, the ultimate pub crawl for the Phoenix Light Rail. We've spent the last month giving you one stop, one drink and one more reason to ride the light rail every day. Now that the trains are rolling, we're giving you one look back at all the stops right here. 

Take a look at this handy google map or at the links for every stop below to keep tabs on our picks for the pub crawl. Also, if you're crazy enough to actually take up this challenge, send us photos of your adventure and we'll include them in an upcoming slide show. 

All aboard!

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Stop #28: Sycamore/Main Street

Stop #27: Price-101 Freeway/Apache Boulevard

Stop #26: Smith-Martin/Apache

Stop #25: McClintock/Apache

Stop #24: Dorsey/Apache Boulevard

Stop #23: University Drive/Rural

Stop #22: Veterans Way/College Avenue

Stop #21: Mill Avenue/Third Street

Stop #20: Center Parkway/Washington

Stop #19: Priest Drive/Washington

Stop #18: PHX Airport Shuttle

Stop #17: 38th Street/Washington

Stop #16: 24th Street/Washington

Stop #15: 12th Street/Washington

Stop #14: 3rd Street/Washington

Stop #13: Central/Washington

Stop #12: Van Buren/Central & Van Buren/First Avenue

Stop #11: Roosevelt/Central Avenue

Stop #10: McDowell/Central

Stop #9: Encanto/Central

Stop #8: Central/Thomas

Stop #7: Central/Osborn

Stop #6: Central/Indian School

Stop #5: Central/Campbell

Stop #4: Camelback/Central Avenue

Stop #3: Camelback/7th Avenue

Stop #2: 19th Avenue and Camelback

Stop #1: 19th Avenue and Montebello

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Jonathan McNamara