No Need for a Baby-Sitter -- Drop the Kids Off to Owl City

It seems like, after Selena Gomez, the Owl City concert may have brought some of the youngest fans Marquee Theatre has ever seen to the venue. The tween-friendly artist's non-offensive lyrics and sugary sweet melodies sold out the spot, bringing both kids and their parents to the show--which, judging from Tweets that were posted after the concert, was still fun to see no matter how old you are.

@JustKaydee Owl City concert. Everyone and their mom is here. Literally.

@blakehyman- Loved the Owl City concert yesterday! So awesome!

@Logistix1- The Owl City concert was a blast!

@woodstron- Saw Paper Route and LIGHTS, amazing! and Got kicked out of Owl City concert for filming and was unaware you can't film. Boycotting Marquee!!

@sarahlovesyoouu- owl city concert was soo fun !(: cant reallyy hear anything right now. fireflies will always be my favorite

@shoahboah- I LOVE OWL CITY! :D

@aapotts At owl city concert with my son. The opening bands are so tween-oriented it makes me feel compelled to watch Twilight. Help me!!

- Owl City was so effing amazing tonight.

- Just saw Owl City here in Tempe, AZ awesome show- crowd was amazing and the music was even better!!!

@HeeySusie- Best show of my life. Owl City definitely has some of the best stage presence:)

- Just noticed that Owl City is the only artist they have done a sound check for. Adam, this is your show, dude.

@Tabethalynn- The 9 year old version of j.bebe is at the owl city show. Where is his mom?

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