Obscura Relaunches At CenPho's Rips Ales & Cocktails This Saturday

It's been just over a month since the Ruby Room Lounge unexpectedly went teats up, and some of the monthly dance nights that were displaced by the closure are finding new life at various bars around the Valley.

DJ Manchester recently launched a new Britpop/'80s/indie music night over at the Rogue Bar called Whip It, which goes down on the third Saturday of the month. 
And starting this weekend, the duo of DJ Roya and DJ Funkfinger will re-launch their long-running Obscura night on Saturday at CenPho's recently opened Rips Ales & Cocktails (3045 North 16th Street).

Much like they did at the Ruby Room, the pair will continue to get your ass out onto the dance floor every first Saturday with plenty of retro Europop (Björk, Morrissey, Joy Division), as well as tracks from '80s hitmakers (Soft Cell, Joan Jet, Simple Minds) and indie music kings (Peter Bjorn & John, Black Kids, Postal Service).

As always, CDs and tickets to upcoming indie rock show will be handed out, and Saturday night's affair will fete the recent release of Vampire Weekend's newest disc Contra. Drink specials will also be available, including $3 wells and $5 call drinks.

For a look back at what Obscura was like during its Ruby Room days, be sure to peep our slideshow from way back when.

The music starts at 9 p.m. with a $5 cover. Visit Obscura's MySpace for more info.

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