Overheard at Coachella

Obviously there's plenty of crazy shit that goes on at Coachella, which makes for a lot of great selective listening. Some people dress up to get attention and comments are made about them. Meanwhile, others are rolling and tripping and say things that don't make sense. 

Even some of the artists say weird things. My favorite quote from last year came from MGMT's performance when one of the band members was talking about how he had everyone famous that he saw sign his pants. "I wish you all could sign my pants," he said to the crowd.

I spent my weekend at Coachella by hanging out with 12 other people, many of whom came back to our camp site every night with stories about what they heard artists and random people say.

Check out the best of what we overheard after the jump...

Overheard in the concert grounds:

"I wanna take this opportunity to thank all the girls that dressed like sluts." - Scissor Sisters

"I love jackrabbits. We don't have 'em at home. Jackrabbits, with their jackrabbit ears and their jackrabbit feet. I love jackrabbits. They're happy." - Big Audio Dynamite

"Arcade Fire: Grammy Award winners!" - concertgoer after Arcade Fire finished their set

"Oh yeah! I remember that from when I blacked out!" - drunk chick near the merch booth

"I need five days of recovery time." - guy in the crowd after Kanye West finished his set

Anything that Julian Casablancas said in between songs during the Strokes' set, but particularly, "This sarcasm doesn't come across well in a text."

"Next in line." - Zia Records employee
"Oh, I'm just here to say hi to Jason Woodbury really quickly." - me
"Is that an artist?" - Zia Records employee

Overheard in the camp grounds:

"Animal Collective was so boring. You were on acid and you didn't even have fun." - one festivalgoer to another

"Plan B...that sounds familiar but I don't know why." - female festivalgoer while looking at the Sunday schedule

"We're all having difficulties." - kandi kid after she tried to throw away a can of beer and missed the recycling bin multiple times

"You guys are assholes. What's up?" - festivalgoer angered by a camper taunting him with a megaphone and then approaching him and becoming friendly

"What are you?" - guy near the showers to a blue girl dressed like a fairy
"Shut up! She can be whatever the fuck she wants to be!" confused guy's friend

"You got a favorite song?" - festivalgoer to guy walking around the campgrounds performing religious raps for people
"Nah, I like all my kids. I don't choose between 'em." - religious rapper

"I can't sleep! I feel like a crackhead!" - festivalgoer after entering his tent to attempt to go to sleep

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Join the New Times community and help support independent local journalism in Phoenix.