Pacifiers and Other Banned Raver Gear We Saw at Ultra 2015

Any veteran of Ultra Music Festival who attended this year's three-day event was pleasantly surprised by the increased organization and overall maturity of the audience. Certain seemingly simple measures, like an 18-and-over age policy and significantly improved perimeter security, taken following 2014's trampling of security guard Erica Mack and the fatal overdose of Adonis Escoto helped turn Ultra into a safer, happier place.

Another of those measures was a ban on many things that festival-goers have come to see as Ultra staples, such as glow sticks, totems, facemasks, and backpacks. For the most part, these so-called Prohibited Items were few and far between (except for facemasks, which were everywhere), but we managed to find sneaky ravers with more than a few pieces of contraband in their possession. Here is some of what got through the gates at Ultra 2015.

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Kat Bein