Party Crasher

Party Crasher: American Junkie, Club FullFilled, The Vintage Lounge, and Rhythm Room

The lovely Lady Santas of the Rhythm Room. Click here for a slideshow of the Party Crasher's weekend adventures.

There's a plethora of parties that go down each and every weekend in the PHX.

Whether it's hot DJ nights at Valley clubs, after-hours raves out in the sprawl, or house parties with kegs and local bands, this town knows how to get down.

Enter the Party Crasher. Since it's impossible to sample every single fete and fiesta, our nightcrawling investigator of the outrageous will be checking out the scene at a number of nightspots and off-the-hook hootenannies from Thursday until Sunday. Each and every Tuesday he'll be reporting back on all the action.

To wit: This past weekend, the Party Crasher peeped the vibe at the newly-opened nightspots American Junkie in Scottsdale and The Vintage Lounge in Tempe, and got plenty of face time with fired-up rockabillies and the lovely-and-large ladies of Club FullFilled.

American Junkie in Scottsdale.

The party crashin' started on Thursday as this investigator of the outrageous got the lowdown on Scottsdale's American Junkie. He'd heard about some wild time going on at the joint, which opened in late November. And the rumors were true...sorta.

American Junkie is an upscale bar/restaurant that's like an eatery, lounge, rock spot, and danceateria all rolled into one. It's a pretty raucous place that's a creation of the nightlife gurus behind Pussycat Lounge and Dirty Pretty, attracting both fashionistas in little black dresses and the white collar after-work crowd. There's a Wheel of Fortune-like contraption hanging above the circular bar, featuring a variety of different, er...outcomes.

Two chicas win a free tee shirt after spinning the wheel.

Similar to Gilligin's "Wheel of Booze," it contains various shots, tasks, discounts, or prizes for the females who spin it whilst standing on the bar. For instance, spinners could win a free tee shirt, 50 percent off their bill, or be asked to do something more risqué, like when the Party Crasher watched one dapper dude doing a bodyshot off his female companion.

Outside, this nightcrawler ran into Al Stocker, who used to run now-defunct nightspot Glam. He's been busy looking for Glam's new home, but was checking out the scene at American Junkie. "I really like the back part of the bar, it's kinda cool," Stocker says. The Party Crasher agrees. Along the rear wall are many old-school rock gig posters (like Reverend Horton Heat, Pennywise, and The Stooges), as well a placard of infamous drug kingpin Pablo Escobar. Cooler than an entire Shirts N' Things.

Moving from dope pushers to dope dames, the next stop on the weekend agenda was visiting Hotel San Carlos on Saturday to hang with the amply-sized gals of Club FullFilled. The Party Crasher's no chubby chaser (at least, not anymore), but many males at the group's "Naughty but Nice" X-Mas shindig. The lounge was crowded with "big handsome men" and "fat admirers" who snuggled up to large-and-lovely ladies as DJ Remix was dropped Top 40 hits like T. Pain's "Apple Bottom Jeans" (how apropos).

Club FullFilled's Christy Lee and her beau.

Since forming in 2004, Club FullFilled's held bi-weekly affairs where big beautiful women (BBWs) get their groove on. (For more, check out Stephen Lemons' 2005 story). CF went defunct for a couple years, only to return this past fall. Organizer ChristyLee says the turnout for each installment constantly gets bigger (insert your own joke here).

The Party Crasher then headed to Tempe for the grand opening of The Vintage Bar & Lounge. The nightclub/eatery occupies the Coconut Club's old location and has something of a retro-antique theme (hence its name).

The Party Crasher only wishes Jaeger came in this size. 

Its décor is adorned with copper and golden pain, with vintage frames and mirrors festooned on the walls. The music getting blasted during Saturday's fete, however, was anything but, with DJ Infinity serving up a mix of hip-hop and rock. The dance floor was busy with honeys and himbos shaking their collective asses, including a few couples getting a tad naughty.

See what we mean?

The final stop was on Sunday at the Rhythm Room's Rockabilly X-Mas Party. Bob Corritore's roadhouse was alive with the bassy anthems of such rockabilly locals as VooDoo Swing, The Heymakers, and Rhythm Dragons. Amidst all the pompadours and pussycats, the Party Crasher hung with hepcat Brian Setzer types like Jay Wiggen, who runs vintage car club Hell City Saints. Wiggen and his squeeze Courtney, who'sports a Betty Page 'do and spiky stilettos, gushed about the Valley's rockabilly scene.

Jay Wiggen (center) and other members of Hell City Saints Car Club.

"It's mostly a central Phoenix and west Valley thing," Wiggen says, "But we're hoping to spread it over to the east side." To this end, H.C.S. is planning a big-time 'billy ball on January 9, at Hollywood Alley in Mesa with music from Creepsville 666 and Pistol Canyon Social Club. The shindig has a U.S.O. show theme and will feature the debut of Rockabelly, the Valley's newest burlesque combo.

Equally in the mood to promote are Voodoo Swing, who have CD release party scheduled for February at the Blooze Bar. Shorty, the band's drummer, says it'll be a wild affair.

"We're gonna have like six rockabilly bands, vendors, car clubs, chicks taking their clothes off," Shorty says. "It's gonna be crazy!"

Sounds like something the Party Crasher won't miss.

-- Benjamin Leatherman
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