Paul Oakenfold
Paul Oakenfold

Paul Oakenfold and Calvin Harris Get Marquee Theatre Crowd to Dance Their Pants Off

Who cares if the Marquee Theatre smelled like a fishtank last night? Not the hundreds of people who came out to shake it like it was nobody's business last night at the Paul Oakenfold concert. Before the Big O came out, Calvin Harris got the crowd warmed up, and not even the most technical dance moves could stop people from Tweeting their thoughts during the show.

@moswenw- Calvin Harris is on and just tearing it up right now!

@LilLittel- Crowd went fucking wild as soon as calvin harris came on!


@scratchtheory- Hanging out being groovy and fist pumping to Calvin Harris!!! Omg you are not here?!?! Paul Oakenfold is rocking it out!!!

- They're playing some DEADMAU5. Yeahhhh!!

@abbygilmore- Just met Paul Oakenfold. Interesting guy.

@katiedoyle7- Paul Oakenfold is on! So amazing!

@mdvolkjr- the paul oakenfold concert smells like a fish tank

@ctrlLTdel- Paul oakenfold is... / a diamond-bellied troll doll. / Ditched work, boss is here.

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