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Phoenix in 140 Characters or Less

As French rock band Phoenix played the Marquee Theatre in Tempe last night, much of the young crowd seemed to be glued to their iPhones...possibly Tweeting and Facebook status updating the show? Here's what was said about the concert. (And read our review here.)



@taybaugh: Ok Sea Wolf was seriously bad ass. Download them!

@NataliePodgorsk: Sea Wolf impressed now Phoenix please be music to my ears

@Emperor_norton: Missed Sea Wolf's set. Holy fuck is it packed in here. I'd need a chainsaw to get close to the stage. Bloody hell.

@funkfinger- Here for just a min and already HATE Marquee #phx #Phoenix #marqueesucks
Idiotic lines to get in, idiotic parking #phoenix #phx #marqueesucks
Don't know if it's the fancy flashing lights, but Phoenix drummer looks like Animal. #marqueestillsucks 

James Kennan - Just watched Phoenix play a set for a sold out crowd the night after winning a Grammy. Electric.

@davidyetty: Last night I listened to Phoenix (the band) in Pheonix (the city)... I enjoyed it... #imadork

@nezzles11- Time to say goodbye, Phoenix u r an epic band and city, until next time ;)

@Emperor_norton- Phoenix were pretty good. Started off w/ "listzomania" + ran thru a dozen songs before the singer left the stage + the band jammed for 1 ...
Jammed for 10mins, then the singer came back + they tore thru a few more tunes before the encore.
Singer + guitarist played w/out full band for 2 songs, + then the whole group closed the night with "1901". Good show (but crap audience).

Kellie Hwang- Phoenix ends a kick ass show with "1901" at the Marquee Theatre on Feb. 1, 2010.

@psykosteve- Phoenix (the band) sound perfect! Those who forgot to get tickets have lost rights to bitch about bands skipping Phoenix this year

Peter Baray- danced on stage tonight at the Phoenix concert. sweet!

@august_a- Sea wolf was legit ! Gonna get some of their stuff

@StatesidePres- Sea Wolf is playing all the hits tonight & sounds absolutely amazing!!! 
Coming straight from the Gramys Phoenix is delivering a killer performance in Phoenix tonight!!!

Amy Carpenter- I had a great time; Phoenix rocked out harder than I expected. Because the album was so heavily produced, I thought the live show would seem lacking. It wasn't! I was impressed with the lighting, I think it really enhanced the show. The end, when they let all those people on stage, was pretty cool.
The only thing I questioned was the fact they said they were from Paris (they're from Versailles). Did they do that to seem cooler? Or because they thought we wouldn't know any other French cities?

@meliathomas- Phoenix was a rock rollercoaster of awesome, an explosive dance party that wouldn't quit!

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