Punk & Hardcore

Punk Band X Breaks Out the Vibraphone for Acoustic Tour

Members of the legendary punk band X will never "walk on down the road yelling hurry up" to the Rock and Roll Hall of Fame to be enshrined in its hallowed halls. It has never been their style to self-aggrandize, and yet while bands like the Clash, The Ramones, Talking Heads and Blondie have all long since been immortalized with inclusion into the HOF, the time for X is long overdue.

Anti-establishment and anti-corporate, X lit the flame of West Coast punk rock in 1978, and went about the business of creating sonic sounds that were original, political, irreverent, and yet relevant. The band exuded an attitude and movement that was repulsed by the American underbelly of corporate record label greed, which promoted bloated rock guitar fat cats playing eight-minute guitar solos.

X opted for a more urgent sound that filled its three- to four-minute songs with disaffection and desperation, born of rockabilly, soul and country, and bathed in angst and street poetry the likes of Bukowski. Los Angeles' true fearsome foursome burst onto the scene with a music that was lean, mean, and populist first -- popular second.

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Mark C. Horn
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