Race You There: Acts of Treason

Band: Race You There

Title: Acts of Treason, the band's debut LP

Basics: Phoenix five-piece Race You There started out in Tucson, moving westward, toward the big city. Armed with ambition, the band tried to incorporate a few different styles in their music, which coalesces best around a slowed-down, melodic rock sound.

Best Song: "Starcrossed," the album's third track brilliantly displays Race You There's mellow rock vibe. A very sincere, almost demure, song, "Starcrossed" features lead singer Jacob Acosta's best effort on the album. The song is a simple rock song with hints of a power ballad. It's a refreshing reminder that beautiful music is within arms reach if you can find the right inspiration.

Worst Song: "Finger Like a Knife," starts out cheap with an all-too-common cornball song title. There's not much else to like about the song, either. Acosta shares singing duties with bandmate Clarissa DuBose, and this unfortunately makes the song sound like a rip-off of a rip-off of a bad Evanescence song. Race You There struggles with sounding like that band -- and band that had a unique sound 10 years ago -- and this song only cements that impression.

Suggested Changes: Acts of Treason struggles with an identity crisis. Will the band play its trademark mellow, toned down rock, or will they try to liven things up and play some standard rock music? I wish the band would stick with the former, as the latter doesn't suit them. "Starcrossed" and "Eastern Shore" play beautifully to the band's strong points while "Why Are You So Distracting?" (Why is the song distracting? Because it's not that good?) and "Street Preacher" sound awkward and out of place. 

Grade: C

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Bonus Video: The video for "Starcrossed" was made entirely with Google Maps and is actually quite amazing. My hat's off to the band for their effort.

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