Review: Pot Of Gold Music Festival Day 1 - Chromeo, Bastille, Future Islands and More

Overall, it was a glorious kick off to the Pot Of Gold Music Festival on Friday Night at Tempe Beach Park. With little exception, the afternoon and evening were filled with amazing acts, danceable grooves, and beautiful people. It also certainly helped that the weather was absolutely perfect for an event like this and with the careful arrangement of back to back bands on two separate stages, there was never a dull moment as the warm blue sky day transformed into a lovely cool evening.

I went to the festival knowing full well that AWOLNATION and Bastille were going to put on stunning performances -- this was a given. Of the remaining five acts, I had heard the singles or albums, but I was unsure how they would transfer to the live stage. Almost all of them were fantastic surprises, even when they were not my typical bag musically speaking. This is always my favorite aspect of music festivals -- being surprised at just how great bands are that you wouldn't normally think to listen to, but are forced to appreciate (or hate), one of the pleasures of being a captive audience.

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Mitchell Hillman