Review: Pot of Gold Music Festival Day 3 - Fall Out Boy, Milky Chance, Rebelution, and More

Looking around at the people at Tempe Beach Park Sunday night, I couldn't help but giggle to myself the entire night, thinking, "Wow, it looks like a Fall Out Boy concert in here."

I'd never seen the Illinois-based four-piece live before and I've never been much of a fan of their music. But I've always had an image of their fans that last night's show at Pot of Gold Music Festival definitely reinforced that image.

A lot of scene kids wearing black with neon trim in the form of dyed hair and arm bands, but at least they were passionate. About three songs in I noticed that a lot of the singing I thought was coming from Patrick Stump's bandmates singing backup was actually at least half of the crowd singing along to almost every lyric.

The only songs I recognized in their set were "Sugar, We're Going Down," and "Thanks for the Memories," and the only song I enjoyed was their last song, the pre-planned encore, "Light 'Em Up," which I mostly appreciated for the riot porn video which accompanied the song. But even a hater like me can appreciate the value in a band that has real devoted fans.

Fall Out Boy may not be in my wheelhouse, but I can appreciate a heartfelt performance by passionate and talented musicians anywhere. That being said, I did not feel that during Milky Chance's set.

Maybe I'm just not cool enough for "folktronica" but every single one of their songs sounds identical. They don't just sound similar, I actually thought every single one of them was "Stolen Dance." Maybe I'm way out of touch but judging by their performance at Pot of Gold, I don't see another hit record coming out of Milky Chance.

Although the light show for their final song was quite spectacular as they used alternating red and blue lights coming from pillars on stage and the stage lights to create an really awesome visual effect.

Rebelution's late afternoon set definitely looked it was the highlight of many peoples Sunday. They brought a heavy dub reggae jam to the fest, and really eased the crowd into the evening. Their fanbase really came out in force most of them marking themselves with tye dye garments. Which was probably the second most worn thing next to Fall Out Boy t-shirts.

Even though some of the bands weren't my taste, and an $8 dollar beer always hurts, the festival still felt pretty good. The beer was a little overpriced but many of the food items were actually really reasonable, there were also tons of free giveaways from the larger than usual pool of vendors.

Really though I don't think any single factor was as huge for the overall feeling of the inaugural Pot of Gold Music Festival than the placement of the two stages. Of course it took more than two performance platforms to make it a festival, but those two stages sitting on the shore of Tempe Town Lake looked almost majestic.

They also split the venue in a terrific way that made it easy for those trying to be up and involved not to bother those trying hang back and chill while everyone could still have a view of the stages.

The ping-pong back and fourth, stage-to-stage, without a huge amount of walking was kind of nice. Being able to catch the mid-card acts Grizfolk, Big Data, Knox Hamilton, New Politics, and Echo Smiths, without having to leave the comfort of a shady tree made the hot afternoon far more tolerable.

Critic's Notebook:

Last Night: Pot of Gold Music Festival Day 3 at Tempe Beach Park

Overheard in the Crowd: "You're so cool, I thought I was on the only one who loses it like that to Fall Out Boy," one huge FOB fan to another

Random Notebook Dump: Why are those two girls in Fall Out Boy t-shirts flirting with those cops? Do they not know anything about the band's politics?

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Jeff Moses
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