Robert Plant Plays Dodge Theatre as Tempe Town Lake's Levee Breaks

As news of the Tempe Town Lake dam bursting broke last night, many were reminded of the song "When the Levee Breaks," by Led Zeppelin. How approriate, then, that the band's front man Robert Plant was across town, playing Phoenix's  Dodge Theatre for a solo show. While some may be used to the 61-year-old's recent collaborations with Alison Krauss, folk singer Patty Griffin joined him on this tour, which made some fans very happy--and the news of the Tempe icon's drainage a little easier to cope with. Read on for some fans reactions to Plant's show (and read our take here.)

- Amazing show. Thank you Robert Plant & The Band of Joy!

@BrennanSmiley- It's pretty overwhelming... Being in the same room as robert plant.

@spencer_webster- Robert plant just broke the levy at Tempe town lake!!!

@mandyflowers07- Robert Plant was pretty awesome!

@TheRealCyber5- Robert plant was nothing like led zep. Sadly disappointed tweetreview

@hellocindy- Bettye LaVette = amazing! Waiting for Robert Plant and The Band of Joy!!

Meanwhile, near the draining Lake, The Gaslight Anthem took the Marquee Theatre stage. The New Jersey rock band put a smile on many fans' faces, who were quick to take to Twitter to review the show in 140 characters or less. (We also reviewed it here.)

@gloryyyy- I love the Gaslight Anthem! Sang my heart out to every song and Brian noticed!

@whatitladue- The Gaslight Anthem was incredible #likewoah

@dmdkkr- damn if that wasnt one of the best shows ive ever seen, the gaslight anthem is just awesome

@BigSunglasses- At Gaslight Anthem at Marquee. Wow!! They sound just as amazing as they do on their record.

@psykosteve- Gaslight Anthem sound perfect, it's to rare you see a band that matters

@JakeVK- The Gaslight Anthem really wants to sound like Springsteen. They succeed and I dig it.

@KPHONoonShowGuy- At the Gaslight Anthem concert in Tempe. Is the scraggly hipster beard played out yet? I think it is.

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