Sammy Hagar on Acoustic Music, Booze, Charity, Van Halen, and Alien Abductions

The Red Rocker is alive and well. Better yet, he's thriving within his own realm, which could appropriately be dubbed Sammyland. The thing about Sammyland is that it's not a standalone entity. Instead, it's sort of like a community outreach program filled with charitable efforts, loyal followers, and musical roots spiraling deep into the annals of rock and roll and heavy metal history dating back to when Tricky Dick still held the presidential office. And that's exactly the way Sammy Hagar likes to have it.

When the solo recording juggernaut and former Van Halen front-man is not up to his eyeballs in his own brand of Sammy's Beach Bar Rum or jamming out with his party band, The Waboritas, Hagar keeps himself occupied by many different endeavors -- some of which stretch outside the realm of music.

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When Caleb isn't writing about music for New Times, he turns to cheesy horror movies and Jim Beam to pass the time.
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