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Sara Bareilles Rocks It at Marquee Theatre

Sara Bareilles

Sara Bareilles is one of those artists you just can't help but love. The singer-songwriter proves pop doesn't have to be trashy by keeping her clothes on and putting the focus on her music and her interaction with fans. Bareilles played piano and guitar at her show at Marquee Theatre last night, having a good time despite the warm September heat inside. And she made the audience, including The Summer Set's Jess Bowen, laugh with her in-between-song banter, using a storyteller style to connect her fans to her songs. Here is what audience members thought of the concert.

@julianfrancis- "Its very warm in this vicinity... because you are all so fucking hot." - Sara Bareilles

- Sara Bareilles killing it!

@LindsayNadrich- Sometimes, princesses save themselves....Sara Bareilles was amazing tonight!!

@ravypinky- Sara Bareilles was amazing tonight in Tempe!! ahh

@LaineWieland- @SaraBareilles, thanks for rockin my world in AZ.

@thejessset- You know when you listen to an artist and don't realize just how good they are til you see them live? Ya, that's Sara Barielles

@BeccaSimpson- @SaraBareilles is kicking ass on stage. :)

@MsMeeelinda- @sarabareilles your voice is like MAGIC!! what a performance. Tempe loves your hot ass.

@chanel_nel- @SaraBareilles was incredible! I've been waiting years to hear her perform "Gravity" live. I can't wait til she's back :)

@TSIKA9- @SaraBareilles Break out the fucking 'sweat towel'... God-damn that was a fucking sweltering concert. Loved it.

@LeoOutloud- The #SaraBareilles concert was all kinds of #amazing Yup. Every kind. She is everything I ever wanted to see and more. #iCanDieHappyNow

@jennemasj- @SaraBareilles thanks for an amazing show! Come back to AZ when it's cooler and we'll do it again!

@hollywood1616- Saw @SaraBareilles in Tempe tonight after a long day of exams, what a great show. This lovely young lady is amazing live!

@CJS5880- @SaraBareilles thank u for a great show and taking a picture with me!!

@jacobrochon- @SaraBareilles The concert tonight was truly the most amazing experience . I'm happy to see you enjoyed yourself! Please come back soon!!!

@KrystleMiller- thank u so much for one of the best nights of my life. I will forever hold it so dear to my heart you are truly a lovely soul

@huthafutha- @SaraBareilles you are amazing! and your kind words and support for the LGBT is very much appreciated! AZ loves you!

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