Scottsdale's 1st and Ten Kickoff Concert and Party Canceled

The 1st and Ten Kickoff Concert and Party made a big splash in September, when it was one of the first local Super Bowl nightlife events to be announced, promising a huge selection of performers and enormous crowds.

Turns out it was more of a belly flop, however.

Earlier today, the multi-day event, which was originally scheduled to take place at Scottsdale Civic Center Amphitheater this weekend, was officially canceled by its organizers after several months of lineup issues and behind-the-scenes drama.

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A press release sent out this morning by 1st and Ten Kickoff's creator Todd Rosenbaum announced the sacking of the party due to the "inability of talent management and talent agents to fulfill the contractual obligations and talent appearances scheduled" for the event.

The 1st and Ten Kickoff had reportedly endured a number of problems with arranging musicians and performers over the last several months.

First, it was supposed to feature concerts and parties during the three days leading up to Super Bowl XLIX with whiz-bang EDM whiz kid Skrillex officially announced as one of the headliners. Several days later, however, any info regarding his performance disappeared.

The 1st and Ten Kickoff website also briefly featured info on Pharrell Williams before it too was removed, so we're guessing that the Grammy-winning, Arby's hat-wearing R&B singer was being considered for the event at one point.

Earlier this month, Super Bowl party-focused website Super Sunday HQ posted a blog detailing the 1st and Ten Kickoff's issues. Rosenbaum reportedly stated that he'd been dealing with "some unsavory individuals who were involved in the talent booking phase" and was working on re-booting the event's lineup.

Within the last week or so, it was announced that the 1st and Ten Kickoff would be scaled back to a two-day event and would feature Def Jam rapper Rick Ross as one of the headliner.

Guess that didn't work out either.

According to this morning's press release, refunds have been issued to anyone who happed to purchase tickets.

And if you're eager to celebrate the Super Bowl this weekend, however, there are certainly no shortage of parties and events happening.

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