Shurman: The Artists I Love Transcend Labels

If you weren't able to make it to Circus Mexicus earlier this month you'll have another chance, this week, to catch one of the festival's best acts, Shurman.

Based out of Austin, Shurman spends little time at home--they tour the country relentlessly, spreading their shared love of music to pockets of fans in every small town and big city along the way. The state of Texas seems to breed a rare type of musician; combine that with lifelong influences from Georgia, Los Angeles, and even Phoenix, and the end result is the sound of rock and roll stitched together with acoustic country and blues. Or to sum it up in a single word, Shurman.

You can check them out Tuesday night at Last Exit Live, but first check out Up on the Sun's interview with singer Aaron Beavers as he talks about a new album, his musical direction, and his lifelong process of assembling the perfect band.

Shurman is scheduled to perform Tuesday, June 18 at Last Exit Live.

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