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Sidney DeLorean Loves Dicks, Especially Marc Maron's

You might say Sidney DeLorean has an obsessive personality. Part of that obsession just happens to be dicks. And standup comic Marc Maron. And neon pink hair. And dicks. Lots of dicks.

What size dicks, you ask? Why, "Average Dicks," of course, as DeLorean, a local rapper (who once was in the slop-punk band Female Trouble), explains on her song. "When it comes to a sandwich, I'll take it foot-long / But half that length when it comes to the dong."

Sidney likes dicks so much that she made them a central theme of her senior thesis project at ASU West. Titled AssCashSeaBass, the installation was a room full of rainbow-colored taxidermic cocks mounted on the wall with a pair of headphones that played selections from her first EP. Named after her installation, it was recorded and mixed by Jalipaz at Audiconfusion with beats produced by Jason Kron of Hug of War.

We called up Ms. DeLorean to ask her what her deal is. She explains that she isn't a fan of music that explores personal issues, so she wrote about surface level things that make her happy.

"I like bright colors, I like dicks, I like sex, I like money," Sidney says. "The serious music that I've written is not irreverent; it just sounds really bad and juvenile. Or it doesn't sound honest coming from me. But if I write about things that I really love, like dicks, I think it sounds pretty cool."

So she made dickheadphones that played songs like "Period Sex" and "Bike Boys," which are arguably far from her weirdest subject matter. After all, she did write a song about wanting to suck Marc Maron's . . . you know. Choice lyrics: "You hate yourself? Well, I hate me, too / But we'd both feel better if I blew you."

Marc Maron

"Before I did the song, I sent two e-mails to two different e-mail addresses," DeLorean says. "I even e-mailed him pictures of my butt, and he has not responded."

Yes, unfortunately for DeLorean, Maron has not yet reciprocated her feelings. She hasn't sent over her song yet, either, but DeLorean claims that when he's single, Maron will rifle through his e-mail to flirt with girls who have sent him fan mail. DeLorean is just thrilled at the prospect to be in the running.

"At this point I'm, like, I don't even know if I can handle even actually interacting with Mark Maron," she says. "I would probably freak out. So I just figured I would sit back and wait for the restraining order."

Ryan Avery of Father's Day is putting together a collaborative album called Dick Compilation, which will include songs by Butter Knifes, Serene Dominic, Treephort, Malcom Tent, and more. Naturally, DeLorean's tune was a fitting choice.

"I first met her because Father's Day and Female Trouble used to play together," Avery says, but he also mentions that Sidney is anti-Facebook (as in, she doesn't have a profile) and doesn't like to host live shows very often. DeLorean says it's hard coordinating with other people.

I like to play with female musicians, and I'm at the age where people are married and having babies," DeLorean says. "The past year has been me focusing on doing my own music and making backing tracks and interactive animations. Theoretically, I'm going to have a live performance act that includes an interactive video projection animation for each song. Which is time-consuming, but I'm working on that right now. It just takes a while to go from relying on having three other people to having everything together on my own terms."

You can find more of Sidney's music on Bandcamp.

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