Boyz II Men at Talking Stick Resort Arena.EXPAND
Boyz II Men at Talking Stick Resort Arena.
Melissa Fossum

Songs That Say Thank You: A Thanksgiving Mixtape

Family time over the holidays carries enough stress with all the arguments about who sits where, who brings what, and why Grandpa really shouldn't have another Harvey Wallbanger. We're offering some tunes to help ease some of your Thanksgiving anxiety.

Sam & Dave, 'I Thank You'

We're thankful for the days when sax players had choreographed dance moves.

The Beastie Boys, 'Gratitude'

We're thankful for this Check Your Head classic.

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Big Star, 'Thank You Friends'

We're thankful Big Star have been getting their due.

Boyz II Men, 'Thank You'

We're thankful that no matter the era, there will always be smooth-singing bands with Zs in their names.

Antony & the Johnsons, 'Thank You For Your Love'

We're thankful a voice like Antony's exists, and that he shares it with the world.

Wisin y Yandel, 'Gracias a Ti'

We're as thankful for Puerto Rico — food! beaches! more! — as Wisin and Yandel are for their fans.

Sly & the Family Stone, 'Thank You (Falettinme Be Mice Elf Agin)'

We're thankful for YouTube because things like Soul Train would be harder to track down.

Joan Baez, 'Gracias a la vida'

We're thankful Joan Baez is still going strong and for her underappreciated Spanish-language '74 album Gracias a la Vida.

Bright Eyes, 'I Will Be Grateful For This Day'

We're thankful Connor Oberst was out there for our younger selves.

The Dynamics, 'I Want to Thank You'

We're thankful for Detroit: cars and The Dynamics.

The Beatles, "Thank You Girl"

We're thankful for the days when superstar rock bands had their own cartoons.

Raffi, "Thanks a Lot"

We're thankful for Raffi. Just because of everything he is.

ABBA, "Thank You for the Music"

We're thankful for the music, too. All of it!

Editor's note: This article was originally published in November 2011.

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