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Step Right Up and Watch Captain Squeegee's Psychedelic Circus of a Music Video

For Captain Squeegee's last video off of their 2013 L.P To The Bardos, "Inevitable," the atomic jazz fusion seven-piece tapped the amazing claymation skills of animator Johnny McHone. The resulting video was easily the most creative in town for the year 2013. As a follow up, Captain Squeegee may have done it again with their second video from the album "The Factory" directed by Matty Steinkamp.

"We wanted to make something that was as rightfully zany and dark as the song. I think a lot of people think of Captain Squeegee as maybe a little silly and funny but if you really pay attention there is all these political and conspiratorial themes in the music. So this video was our first attempt to make a point but still keep it as psychedelic as possible," says Captain Squeegee front man Danny Torgersen. "I want people to watch it and wonder what it was about. I want people to feel like they were forcibly given a hallucinogen and now they have to think about the experience that they had... It's like if [CIA mind control project MKUltra] was a music video and funny."

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The video is set in a funhouse with the over the top Torgersen theatrically portraying the ring leader of a wild political circus complete with a top hat and tails. "Who's making the facts," asks the lyrics of the song. A question which Torgersen says he hopes people will consider after watching his band's politically psychedelic video.

Steinkamp's vision was to "turn a warehouse into funhouse with each room showing a different part of the factory where the political lies and half truths are coming from," according to Torgersen. "You can't help but have fun in there even though there is clearly something scary going on. It's like a terrifying pun, the factory is where the facts are made, and I just hope it makes people think twice about what they think is true and false and whose telling them.Its all the same circus."

It's not cheap however to make a point. According to Torgersen, of all of Captain Squeegee's videos,this one had the most resources put into it. Without getting into exact numbers the eccentric trumpeter said the cost of the video "was worth it." The band had to pay for costume rentals, location rentals, and of course the cost of having one of Phoenix's premier video makers behind the lens.

Torgersen and his band left to their own devices are capable of amazing things, but according to Danny much of the design of this video is owed to creative genious of Steinkamp.

"I don't think we could have done this without Matty Steinkamp directing. He made a film that is so cinematic that you can't help but watch it and be entranced," says Torgersen. "He wanted to mix the music theater parts of the band with the trippy parts of the band with the jazzy parts of the band. It's very much a collage of everything the band is about, with this super dark twist. I don't think people are expecting that from us, so I am pretty excited."

Torgersen and bandmate Austin Mack are currently in Fullerton Calif. acting as counsellors and instructors at Camp Jam. But they will be back for a July 28 gig at Crescent Ballroom, opening for Foxy Shazam.

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