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Sticky Fingers Launches SoundCloud for the Mixes You Were Too Drunk to Remember

Hanging out at Bar Smith on a Friday isn't just another night out on the town. It's pure adventure, especially when trying to navigate the crowd on either floor during the phenomenally popular Sticky Fingers weekly.

It's doubly difficult if you've had a few, as some of the drinkologists at Bar Smith can be generous with their pours (as they should, considering the hefty price tag for libations). In fact, we've seen a variety of cats who've been so smashed that they probably wouldn't remember which planet they're on, much less who was spinning that night and what tracks were dropped.

Which is why they'll appreciate the fact there's now a Sticky Fingers page on SoundCloud featuring some mixes they may have missed out on.

Since the night features some of the better sounds we've heard by some of more renowned remix artists in the PHX that regularly gig at the night. Take Thomy Hoefer's effusive and action-packed bumpathon "TH3 F1R$T." The DJ known as Prince$$, who landed the honor of second-billing at Steve Aoki's recent Comerica Theatre show, weaves together relentless electro-house with club hits like the Maduzah and Sue Cho's track "I'm Free" into an energetic beatstorm that gets heads bobbing and fists pumping.

Sticky Fingers czar William Fucking Reed also has his recently produced "Minimal Winter Mix" on the page, which is an hour and six minutes of low-key aural pleasure that you don't want to end. Poppy and potent, it also packs bobbing bassline and plenty of the requisite glitchery.

Speaking of bass, be sure to check out the "9 to5 Mix Series Vol. 1" by dub selector J. Paul (one half of the venerated brostep duo HavocNdeeD). Reggae scats, clubby sirens, and low-end boom combine with lyrics by Nicki Minaj and hooks from Pixies hits, illustrating a love of both popular music and dubstep-like harmonics, as well as his considerable mixing talents.

Its might not be the same as hearing it live underneath the stars at Bar Smith, so we recommend turning off your lights, upping the volume, and waving around some glowsticks for added effect.

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