Swell...Adios Share Songs That Have Inspired the Band

The members of Swell...Adios, made up of the core-duo of guitarist/vocalist Lauren Farrah and drummer/producer Shane Kennedy, are quick to discuss the music they love.

It should come as no surprise that Farrah and Kennedy are such avid music nuts. Listening to the demos the pair has been steadily posting on their Soundcloud page, one gets the sense that "where the sounds come from" is as almost as important to the band as "what the sounds are."

The two initially played together in Where Dead Voices Gather, and while Swell...Adios carries over some of the terse, dramatic qualities of that band, the new group also has a real rock 'n' roll edge, something that comes across in the tunes the Farrah and Kennedy picked to share with us. We've got the band's picks and a couple tunes from Swell...Adios beyond the jump. The band is scheduled to perform Wednesday, June 15, with Bill Callahan at The Rhythm Room.  

"To be honest, the way we "sound" happened very organically," says Kennedy. "The first song we worked on together, separate from Where Dead Voices Gather, was a cover of Hoagy Carmichaels' 'Lazy Bones..."

"I would say the main influences that might have crept in are: The Heartless Bastards, The Mountain album, the first Magnolia Electric Co. record (or last Songs: Ohia album, depending on how you look at it), and the first four studio albums that Fleetwood Mac did with Buckingham/Nicks in band, with "Go Your Own Way'" being a distinct influence on the drum loop that will appear on the studio version of our songs "Dreams,'" says Kennedy.

"Oh, and the first three Heart albums," adds Kennedy.

Heart, "Magic Man"

Fleetwood Mac, "Go Your Own Way"

Heartless Bastards, "The Mountain"

Magnolia Electric Company, "Farewell Transmission" 

Listen to Swell...Adios via their Soundcloud page:

demos,roughs,etc by swelladios

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