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Tempe Danced the Night Away With Girl Talk's Endless Remixes

You've never danced your ass off harder than you thought you ever could until you've been to a Girl Talk concert.

Everyone at the Marquee Theatre was going nuts throughout Greg Gillis' entire set. Gillis kept up with the crowd's energy and nearly exceeded it as he kept the remixes coming.

Read our review here or read on to get the scoop on what concertgoers thought of the crazily intense show...

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@kaylamckinney: Girl Talk concert: The only place where you can scream "pop that p*ssy" at the top of your lungs without any fear of someone hitting you. 

@KA23A: So apparently being at Girl Talk is a better work out than working out to Girl Talk. I'm talking to you Squaw Peak.

@pandabot5000: Holy shit. #girltalk @danceparty

@joeyltaylor: its a little underwhelming to throw on the radio after a girl talk concert.

@lukekarrys: Girl Talk sold out the Marquee. Dance party in 3...2...1...

@melissafossum: Fun show. Crowd was good but pretty hammered.

@nomoneymannino: Best concert I've ever been to. EVER!

@abbygilmore: Girl talk was pretty fun. But end show @ 1130? Laaame!

@elbee: Girl Talk. Holy. Shit.

@LisaKasha: RT @KA23A: Shakin' booties with @LisaKasha at Girl Talk in a confetti storm. Happy Wednesday!

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