Ten Musicians To Help Inspire You This Octobeard

October is a great time of year for a few different reasons. You've got the Arizona State Fair, Oktoberfest, the weather starts to get nice outside, and most importantly, it's now Octobeard. For those not familiar with Octobeard it's defined by as: A celebration of facial hair, whereby men do not shave for the entire month of October.

That's right, guys, you're not suppose to shave for the entire month of October. You may be thinking, "Oh man, I don't know if I can pull off a beard." But you just got to go for it, dudes. But if you're seeking some facially fuzzy inspiration, we've put together a list of ten musicians who rock the beard -- to help you get ready to toss out the razors this Octobeard.

Reggie Watts

The Seattle based musician and comedian has some seriously impressive facial hair. (Nearly as impressive as all the hair that occupies his head.)

Ray LaMontagne

The nice thing about Ray LaMontagne's beard is that it walks a very fine line between being too bushy and not bushy enough. It's a good length while still looking rugged -- like a lumberjack, but a lumberjack who drinks at Starbucks.

Iron & Wine

Iron & Wine's Sam Bean has always been known for making some very chill indie-folk and an awesome, flowing beard.

Devendra Banhart

Devandra Banhart's beard has morphed through the years, but when he's full on rocking it, it works. It seems as if Natalie Portman thought so at least. The two had a brief romance, and he even got her to appear in his video for the song "Carmensita."


While most of the artists who have made it on the list so far have done so because they have some gigantic beards, Common has a great beard but always keeps his neatly trimmed and looking good. Very classy.

Cat Stevens

When your beard is the punch line to several comedian's jokes you know you've got a awesome beard. Stevens goes by Yusef Islam these days, and he's got a nice, distinguished beard these days.


Possibly the only thing as impressive as the music this North Carolina trio makes is their facial hair.

Fleet Foxes

Fleet Foxes drummer J. Tillman's beard comes and goes (pretty sure he was sans beard at their recent gig at Comerica Theatre), but singer/guitarist Robin Pecknold and multi-instrumentalist Morgan Henderson usually rock Pac-Northwest chinny-chin-chin hairs.

ZZ Top

No list of bearded musicians is complete without the inclusion of ZZ Top. It's been pointed out countless times before, but, how ironic is it that the one member of the band whose last name is Beard does not actually have a beard?

Zakk Wylde

Pretty much the beard all other beards aspire to be.

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