The 10 Weirdest Music Videos on North Korea's YouTube Channel

I don't pretend to be a foreign policy expert--I don't pretend to be a music expert--but it seems like Kim Jong Un has learned at least one important lesson from his father since taking over North Korea: People will basically ignore a brutal autocracy filled with prison camps and literally starving its own people so long as it's really goofy. Marry a pop star, open some amusement parks, high-five Dennis Rodman, and you're set.

Rumors out of the country that Kim had executed his ex-lover, another North Korean pop star, brought one of their goofiness-offensive weapons back to the fore: Their music videos. For the people in Pyongyang lucky enough to own televisions, North Korea puts out a steady stream of music videos. Here are 10 unnervingly poppy ones from one of a surprisingly large number of North Korean YouTube channels.

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Dan Moore