The 25 Best Club Candids Photos of July

The Club Candids crew logged a helluva lot of miles and shutter clicks in July as we found ourselves venturing into some rather interesting places

From shiny and new Scottsdale bars to the dark and sweaty rave venues out in Mesa, we crisscrossed the Valley and sought out wild times while attempting to capture local nightlife and day-drinking hijinks.

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Along the way, we got to party with soccer fanatics during the final match of the World Cup at the George & Dragon, rock out to Top 40 hits at Wasted Grain, scope out a packed underground dance affair at Mind's Eye Studio, and see what the Sunday night scene at both Hi Fi Kitchen & Cocktails and the rest of Old Town (hint: its just as animated as the rest of the weekend).

Here are the best and most memorable Club Candids photos we got during July.

Grand Opening Weekend at Wasted Grain in Scottsdale

Wasted Grain, one of the newest arrivals to the Scottsdale's entertainment district, made its big debut during the first weekend of July with several evenings of DJs, dancing, drinks, and live music. Club Candids swung by on Saturday, July 5, to scope out the Prohibition-themed bar and nightspot and those who were there, including well-heeled types, members of the party crowd, and fans of local Top 40 cover band SmashT, which performed on Wasted Grain's large stage.

Headband together.

"Kisses are a better fate than wisdom" - E.E. Cummings

Getting close for their close up.

Um...we think you boys have had enough.

A little tasteful side-boob for y'all. You're welcome.

World Cup 2014 Viewing Party at George & Dragon

It was a packed house on Sunday, July 13, at the George & Dragon as soccer fans at the English pub rooted for their favorite team during the 2014 FIFA World Cup Final. Germany beat Argentina a nail-biter of a game, winning 1-0 in extra time with a glorious goal to bring the golden trophy home to das fatherland.

She's all tat.

The Rammstein shirt totally fits the party, bruh.

Try and guess which teams they support. No, really.

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Checking out the game on the big screen while everyone else is checking out her.

Deutschland über alles!

Static Sundays at Hi-Fi Kitchen & Cocktails in Scottsdale

While the rest of the Valley was busy spending the evening of Sunday, July 20, winding down their weekend or heading the bed, members of the 21-and-over set were busy living it up and getting down with drinks and dancing at Hi-Fi Kitchen & Cocktails in Scottsdale.

Ready for bro-down.

Stylish Sunday sirens.

Abe kicks it old school...way old school.

Striking a pose.

If you want to get inside Hi Fi, you've got to get past them first.

Hard Asylum at Mind's Eye Studio in Mesa

Mind's Eye Studio in Mesa became an all-night madhouse of bass-driven beats and bizarre-looking costumes on Saturday, July 26, during the aptly named Hard Asylum. The rave crowd was both colorful and rowdy as they raged to the hardstyle sounds of Denver's Mr. Audity, Hardphonix, and Deoxy, as well as horde of local underground DJs like CIK, Cherie Nova, and Cap.

3-D or not 3-D? That is the question.

A Nightmare on Rave Street.

You're sorta freaking us out, man.


Whip it good.

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