The 50 Biggest Ragers at the Mad Decent Block Party 2014

Thousands upon thousands came to Rawhide Western Town in Chandler this past Friday, all of whom had pretty much the same goal in mind -- partying their asses off at the Valley's biggest electronic dance music event of the year, the Mad Decent Block Party.

They came clad in off-kilter costumes, neon-colored clothing, snarky t-shirts bearing such declaratives as "Sorry Dad" and "Roll Hard or Go Home," or very little clothing at all. And they transformed an acre of grass on the grounds of the kitschy theme park into a flashy and frenetic wonderland of raging fueled by the music of Diplo, Flosstradamus, Dillon Francis, and other Mad Decent DJs and performers. (Hell, rapper Waka Flocka Flame even showed up to party.)

And amongst the many in attendance -- including all manner of clubbers, hip-hop lovers, EDM fanatics, indie kids, college students, and even all the ravers (who came despite the event's controversial "kandi" ban) -- there were some folks who raged harder than others.

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There were the dudes in crazy-ass costumes or bearing hilarious signs, as well as the ladies who screamed their lungs out when Francis took the stage, all the Flosstradamus fans who went all out in the mosh pit, the folks that collectively lost their shit when Waka Flocka came out, or anyone who gave great rage faces while writhing about in the enormous crowd.

We attempted to capture as much of the spectacle of the Mad Decent Block Party's first-ever stop in Metro Phoenix as possible and put together a rundown of the biggest party animals and the most epic of ragers we spotted at the event.

Three's a crowd

One big bro-off

Flosstradamus represent!

DJ Hanzel's biggest fan

Happy fucking birthday

Ready to rage

Ready for the beach

The party posse

A member of STRFKR's dance crew

Red alert

The mass twerk-off that ensued during Diplo's set

The poster child for the Mad Decent Block Party

Partying patriotically

Crazy cats sporting crazy cats

Good advice

Getting racheted up for Diplo

Neon princess

A full-on brodeo

Going for a shoulder ride


Best. Face. Ever.

Stay gold, ladies, stay gold

Per Urban Dictionary: "dank" daNGk/adjective - Formerly used to denote really potent weed, it now means really or awesome.

There. You're now up on the lingo.

Hey, sailors.

Chi-Town's biggest rager

Living it up in lingerie

Triangle? Play symbol? Flosstradamus' logo? You decide.

Howdy, pardners.

Peace, yo.

Um...no thank you.

Nice hat, but the Mad Decent Boat Party ain't until November

The technicolor cowboy

Shades of glory

In full bloom

Space oddities

Congratulations! You just passed the craft component of Mad Decent 101

Colorful chicas

Random acts of beardom

Diplo said "don't wear fuzzy boots" but we'll give you a pass this time

Femmes de Flosstradamus

These ladies come with a warning label.

So...any takers?

Thankfully, they had plenty of twerk-o-hol at the Mad Decent Block Party

Black is the new, um...black

ASU's "Fork'em" hand gesture is suitable for all sorts of occasions.

They see you rollin, they ha...well, you know the rest

Waka Flocka Flame puts your raging to shame

Getting hydrated before going hard

Silly rabbit

Kermit the Frog is an effin' party animal

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