The Earps: Get a Room

Title: Get a Room

Basics: Who wants a dose of fun, lighthearted countrified rock music? Yeah, me either. "But this is Arizona, every other local band plays some sort of tame rock music with a country influence," you say. I know, I know -- it's inevitable to the point that mocking it is simply useless. The real challenge is finding positive things to say about a new band in an utterly stagnant genre. Here goes nothing.

Best Song: "Mancrush" is an entire song dedicated to having pretty big man-crushes Burt Reynolds, Dwight Yoakam and Gram Parsons. It's a noble gesture, but the best track on the album has to go to "Get a Room." The song is one of the better on the album musically and isn't nearly as hokey/corny as some other tracks. It still features the scraggly, unpolished vocals of Hotwheels McGregor (ugh), but it manages to separate itself from some of the other trite, pointless fare on Get a Room.  

Worst Song: "One Girl" features some of the band's most inspired lyrics, "Well one girl was a doormat / And one girl had her gripes / One girl now has two black eyes / I had to tell her twice." Take that, women! Not ones to be outdone, the band infuses this domestic dispute celebratin' ditty with another doozy of a line, "One girl wore them high heels / And one girl wore a blouse / One girl and her lawyers / Kicked me out of my own house." Yeah, no shit.

Suggestions: Tone down the misogyny unless you want all your shows to be packed with a bunch of dudes -- although "Mancrush" makes it sound like the band wouldn't necessarily hate that. Try not writing so many songs about such corny subject matter. It's all too hokey and gimmicky to be taken seriously -- I know music is fun and such, but there's a line between having fun and sounding dumb.

Grade: C-

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