The Holy Coast Explore New Ways to Share Sound

Local synth-rockers The Holy Coast know something about today's average music consumer: mainly that they have the attention spans of gnats.

The trio comprised of Keith Walker, Brett Davis and Braden McCall recently put on their first live performance and have completed their debut album, but they're still carefully calculating the dissemination of their sound.

Instead of finalizing an official release date for their record, the group has decided to release one new track, along with an accompanying music video every month.

"What we're trying to do is reinvent how we approach everything," Brett Davis says. "We're trying to be innovative with the ways that we release our music which we haven't done too much of so far. We have a full album, but we're sick of the idea of the full album. I fucking love albums, but I don't know that the attention span is there anymore. We want to continuously release music and write new music so it's not like, 'here's an album, now move on.'"

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Anthony Sandoval
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