The Most Influential Arizona Punk Records: #6 - Conflict, Last Hour

"I never thought that anything associated with hardcore would have a 'lasting impression.' The music and the people were pariahs, [who] were at best tolerated in my experience. My own sisters laughed at me. My east-side musician friends didn't think I was in a 'real' band.'" - Bill Cuevas, Conflict guitarist.

Depending on your stance, the diversity in punk rock, both in how a band or performer sounds or behaves, is either a great thing or a thorn in your side. Conflict was such a band. Ahead of their time, definitely, and full of deliciously angst-ridden rage, for sure, but not part of the cookie-cutter hardcore scene that thrived in their time and for years after their demise. Hell, there's even a much more well-known hardcore band from England with the same name stealing their thunder to this day, but we'll talk about that a bit later.

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Tom Reardon has written for Phoenix New Times since 2013. He's been in several notable bands over the last 25 years including Hillbilly Devilspeak, North Side Kings, and the Father Figures.
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