This Weekend's Top Picks: Minibosses, The Dark Knight

By Jonathan McNamara

Friday July 18: Minibosses at The Ruby Room

If you've been perusing Up on the Sun's podcast entries you already know that the bossest of video game music-based bands will be hitting the Ruby Room tonight. See you there?

Saturday July 19: The Dark Knight

Has Heath Ledger replaced Jack Nicholson as the definitive Joker? Admit it. That's what you'll be wondering as you storm the theater to see The Dark Knight this weekend.

As this is the type of question that would be easy to agonize over for eons, here's a simpler one: Who's got the best Dark Knight themed costume at The Dark Knight rave this weekend?

That's right! Silent Unspoken Entertainment is holding a rave in honor of Batman's latest movie.

For more information about this Batman-themed rave, read "The Dark Knight" by Benjamin Leatherman.

Sunday July 20: Steely Dan

That's right, I went there. If you're in the know (and can afford the tickets) you're probably already geared up to enjoy Steely Dan's show at Dodge Theater this weekend.

If you have no idea who Steely Dan is, get a little knowledge under your belt before you check out some of the smoothest sounds in popular music this weekend. I'll get you started with some basic trivia: Steely Dan is named after a sex toy for women. You figure out the rest.

For more on Steely Dan, read "Darkness Calls" by Saby Reyes-Kulkarni

For more music-related shindigs, don't surf away without reading Benjamin Leatherman's Concert Schedule for this Weekend."

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