Thrice Amazes Fans at Marquee Theatre

If you saw rock band Thrice at the Marquee Theatre last night, chances are you were in a great mood. Judging by Tweets fans posted after the show, the band played an extensive, polished set that may have even inspired new show jargon -- bangover, anyone? And if you wanted to go but couldn't, one audience member was even kind enough to post some video of the show. Read on for more about the concert.

@LandauArt- I'm on stage with Thrice right now. Life is great.

@DCFmovement- Is @ the Marquee Theater watching Thrice! ...one of our inspirations

@DerekDistance- hurry up thrice.... this guy you chose to be direct support sux dix...

@ShannonArmour- I like this band The Dig that is opening for Thrice kind of a lot.

@VeraJonesaz- Thrice. Is. Amazing.

@mich311e- THRICE was so good, they played for 90 minutes! The Marquee was hot, as usual.

@whatitladue- Thrice never ceases to amaze me.

@JessSotelo- Thrice killed it yet again tonight. Someone (me) is gonna have a bangover tomorrow. I can feel it already.

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